Credit Correction

Stage 1  To start with, we will need your contact information,(title, full name, time at present address, date of birth, nationality, address, mobile number, email address)Your details will help Our Experts to obtain a copy of any credit file held about you by the major credit reference agencies. (please see footnote)

Stage 2  Here  an analysis of your credit file will be carried and let you have a detailed EASY TO UNDERSTAND analysis which will identify the negative entries on your file which are causing or likely to cause you a problem in obtaining credit.

A non-refundable administration fee of £135 will be charged at stage 1 and will also provide your credit analysis report which will provide details of what needs to be done.

Stage 3 Our expert will discuss with you the specific negative items identified from your credit report analysis so that we can establish and agree what action can be taken to remove or amend those damaging items. At this stage we will tell you precisely what can and also what cannot be done to improve your credit file and make it accurate.

Stage 4  We proceed to take the action agreed as a consequence of our discussions in stage 3.

Charged at £30 + VAT per item capped at a maximum of 8 items. If there are 10 items, we will charge for 8 (items to be repaired will be determined by your credit analysis report). The actual figure which will apply at Stage 4 will always be notified to you in advance and there is no obligation on your part to have the work done.

Stage 5 We provide you with a detailed copy and analysis of your 'Repaired' credit file together with a full explanation of its contents free of charge.

How long does it take?

The initial process (stages 1 to 3) can usually be completed within two to three weeks. Stage 4 can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending upon complexity. Stage 5 takes two to three weeks from completion of stage 4).


1.    Your right to cancel - once your application is confirmed, you will receive a written confirmation that there is an agreement in place and you will have the right to cancel within 7 working days at the date of the written confirmation. Our experts will handle the process. If you want the Credit Correction to start within that time, your cancellation rights will lapse.

 2.    Anyone can obtain a copy of their credit file held by the Credit Reference Agencies at a Nominal Fee of £2.00 per Credit File by just writing to them, give your details and they will send your records. You will still have to analyse your file yourself and determine the course of action. But our service charge of £130, includes obtaining your credit file and a complete analysis of your credit file.

If you wish us to start the Credit Correction service immediately, please get back to us and we will begin the process.