Business Solutions

Start Up Business Package which includes Opening personal and business bank accounts as well as credit cards, correcting adverse credit, registering with HMRC or company formation and book keeping services

Debt Solution  We can offer debt advise and solutions to both Individuals and businesses who are struggling with their debts.

Trademark Services

Trust and Foundations  We assist clients to set up trusts and foundation

Wills and Probate drafted for clients to suit their circumstances and wishes.

Foreign Exchange and Payment Solutions

R&D tax relief we can assist client to claim tax relief from the government for the advancement of knowledge

Patent Box we can assist client to claim tax relief from the government for innovation

Capital Allowance we can assist clients to claim qualifying capital expenditure

Offshore Company Formation We can facilitate the incorporation of

offshore companies in a number of offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore Banking We can assist with the arrangement of offshore banking through our network of approved banks, located around the world

UK company Formation for non-UK residents

Asset Protection we can offer protection to businesses assets such as property, machinery, patents, intellectual property or some other form of asset.

Miscellaneous Corporate Services We provide ongoing business support and are able to assist with all corporate matters including such routine items as the change of a company name or share structure, resolution and minute preparation, AGMs, filing of accounts and annual returns, ongoing Company Secretarial support, Reprints of Memorandum & Articles, Completion & Submission of Annual Return, VAT Registration,

Amendment of the Articles of Association, Allotment of Shares and the provision of a Registered Office.

Insurance for Individuals and businesses We can introduce you to the experts who have specialized in providing for both business and Individual insurance advise with a wide range of handpicked policy insurance covers to suit your requirements.

Corporate Credit Correction Our Corporate Credit Repair service aims to reduce the damaging effects on a business that adverse credit history or inaccurate data held by a credit reference agency may have.